Possess an almighty entrepreneurial spirit? Are you disrupting an existing market?

Then we want to work with you.

Serum is one of New Zealand’s leading public relations consultancies.

15 years in the business, we’ve worked hard to earn a reputation for getting results-with-substance that help our clients become known in all forms of media. These days there’s many that will put their hands up to handle your communications. Many are generalists... few are specialists like us.

Our brag points

Strategically driven.
Obsessed with detail.
Digitally aware.
Elevated energy.

We deliver formidable communications that helps our clients to connect and build relationships, build an outstanding reputation, contribute to building brand their awareness and showcase their innovative way of thinking.

Once we start working with you, we can spot where your strong stories are and deliver PR and communications that break through what’s out there, to change perceptions and disrupt the current way of thinking.

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why public relations?

Whether a business is experiencing the good times or bad, it’s important to positively raise its profile, protect its reputation and keep on communicating to the people that matter so their brand thrives.

We help local and global brands best tell their story strategically and get them be seen as thought leaders in their space, which leads to growing their business. We’re known for our experience, ability to work smart and delivering quantifiable results by delivering smart public relations campaigns and helping you navigate the ever-changing communications local media landscape.

The scope of work we’ll take on can range from a small copywriting project, through to managing a corporate communications strategy.

Serum works across various industries, all business structures, locals to multinationals and has a depth of technology and innovation nuance.

Let's help you become known

what we do

Serum’s forte is in media relations work - the backbone of public relation - with 15 years working with local media to secure excellent editorial coverage in the spectrum of media - digital, print, broadcast. As technology evolves, digital media platforms grow and the challenge to meet topical headlines means there’s no room to send out mass, automated media communications. At Serum we see how our clients’ stories can create news and media attention.

We have to ensure we communicate to media only what’s relevant and of value to their readers/viewers. It’s also our job to act as the bridge to help keep clients informed on what the media landscape is reporting on. We create great relations with journalists, bloggers and any other editorial content creators as it is media relations after all.

  • media releases
  • media interviews
  • opinion bylined articles
  • editorial feature opportunities
  • media events & launches
  • media & presentation training
  • award nominations
  • media training

Serum recognises that digital and new media places even more importance on how and what you communicate to build reputation, position talent as thought leaders and communicate clearly with key stakeholders; be it customers, investors, employees, partners, ecosystem constituents, communities and the news media.

We create clear, relevant and targeted corporate communications strategies. Be it strategic placement in a major business daily, establishing a strong presence in vertical markets or providing expert counsel on emerging issues in their industry, Serum works with you on messaging to capitalising on the best opportunities and overcome the challenges in your market. Below are some of the services we provide:

  • strategic counsel
  • public relations action plans
  • internal/employee communications
  • stakeholder and ecosystems communications
  • thought leadership positioning
  • influencers relationship counsel
  • planning and input for any marketing communications
  • views on branding and social media management
  • capitalizing on sponsorship opportunities through public relations
  • award nominations submissions and capitalizing on any opportunities through public relations
  • go-to-market strategy for startups, pre-IPOs, mergers
  • leveraging corporate social responsibility programs for public relations

Serum is passionate about technology that reinvents how businesses and individuals work. From start-ups to pre-IPOs to global vendor brands capturing market share, we provide all the strategic planning and tactical skills around PR. Our approach is looking beyond the technology and driving our client’s messaging through so they are seen as industry thought leaders.

Results can only come from copywriting that’s uses powerful persuasive and relatable words Serum generates to capture the attention of media and your target audience. We put aside clichés and overused buzzwords and an instead focus on the key words you are using as your unique selling point.

We put ourselves in the shoes of the audience you are trying to connect with - what do they need, what resonates with them and lead them, clearly make them clearly understand what you have to say and make them want to do business with you.

Copy writing is subjective relevant but we can’t stress enough don’t leave it in the hands of amateur writers. - what a client may have written we may asses as needing of the local slant for relevance. Also they may not have the time to write these so we’ll interview and impart key messaging into the written pieces to get a start on these. Fast turnaround is also our part of the appeal of using us.

  • customer success stories - case studies - testimonials
  • website copy
  • LinkedIn profiles
  • all publicity materials
  • newsletters
  • presentations
  • all marketing communications
  • social media content
  • any form of editing to improve readability
  • proofreading to pick up any errors and improve grammar

Serum is entrusted to help defend and protect our clients’ reputation in the face of challenges and difficulties. We help lead them through an approach that is best weighed up and then develop responses to reach stakeholders from staff to clients, shareholders to media. We’ve worked on a broad spectrum of issues such as IPO's, business litigation, product recalls, 3rd party disputes, as well as other sensitive local and international issues.

working style

When we come on board working for a client we essentially become their brand ambassador. From that point on it’s our job to work hard to get their profile, messaging and successes out there.

At Serum, we recognise each of our clients has its specific challenges, goals and expectations. So our working style isn’t one as a “supplier” or “3rd party”, but instead one which is a close collaborative “partnership” with them and act as a trusted adviser. This means at Serum we have a select number of clients we work with. We dedicate time and attention to really understand and keep up to speed with our clients’ needs. There is a reciprocated mutual respect and trust and we always appreciate the words of “job well done” from our clients.

Partner with Serum
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why choose Serum

What sets us apart from all the other PR agencies out there…

Getting results with realistic budgets
Interested and staying up to speed with what’s happening in your world
Organised and detailed so nothing gets missed
We deliver what the you need (which may not necessarily be what you think you need)
Proven track record with 15 years in business
Energy!!! Positive, proactive, ready to tackle anything and easy to work with.

about us

Formed in 2001, Serum is a public relations consultancy that’s known to provide relevant communications and content, strategic counsel and thought-leadership to local and global vendor brands.

We offer clients all the reach needed with the responsiveness and expertise that a specialist agency can provide, by keeping to a select client list as well as working with affiliate agencies internationally. We also have a team of local marketing specialists we can call upon that extends to web developers, graphic designers, digital production and more.

Our name

We could say it was through a strategic brainstorming session involving high end branding experts who came up with the name…. but seeing a skin product serum we thought “Serum” …fluid… fluid communicators…helping get vision, messaging out there ….

What we do again

We communicate your successes and we work really hard to achieve this. We focus on media relations, great copy writing, social media strategies and handling any marketing communications.

Serum manager - Nimita Morarji
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let’s help you become known…


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